Report by .Astor :(Ghuam Mustafa)


Aga Khan Rural Support Program,Health Department of and Rama Local Support Organization organized a program to raise awareness about the corona vaccination in the village of Bolan.

A special guest at the meeting was Deputy Commissioner Astor Muhammad Tariq during District Health Astor 


Conducting a vaccine awareness workshop at Astor
Conducting a vaccine awareness workshop at Astor

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 Dr Jahanzeb Education Department, Disaster Management Deputy Director Astor Imtiaz Ahmed, Local Support Organization President Rama Rana Farooq and AKRSP Cabinet and Area Manager Astor Hassan Shah were also present. Deputy Commissioner Astor said on the occasion that AKRSP, in collaboration with local aid organizations, had taken a great initiative to raise public awareness of corona vaccination.


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As a result, not only the general public but also the people living in remote areas will be informed precisely about this corona vaccine and they will be ready for the vaccine and cooperate with the teams of the health department and vaccination. I would like to congratulate and praise AKRSP and the local support organization Rama for taking the best possible steps and hope that in the near future they will continue to work hard on public affairs and become the arm of the administration.

Conducting a vaccine awareness workshop at Astor
Conducting a vaccine awareness workshop at Astor by LSO 

Bolan’s people also thanked the district administration including AKRSP, Ministry of Health, local support organization Rama for organizing the meeting and assured every possible cooperation.

Later, women and men will be vaccinated against the coronavirus in the presence of Deputy Commissioner Astor.


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