Chelas .Shafillah Qurashe

The protest of the victims regarding Diamer Bhasha Dam jobs proved fruitful. Now WAPDA have declared 1 to 5 scale employment as the right of the people of Diamer. Special concession will be given to Diamer,s degree holders for 6 to 16 scale employment and degree holders with less than 50% marks will also be given 100% preference.

The process of payment of Diamer Dam stove package amount will be completed in one month. In WAPDA Diamer Dam project 66% 1 to 16 scale and above 17% 33% employees are residents of Diamer.

WAPDA has announced free education to local educated youth through scholarship policy but so far no application has been received.

Deputy Commissioner Saad bin Asad told the media that13 billion which was in various banks and a few people were benefiting. Now all the money was deposited in the National Bank.


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