Plant for Pakistan Plantation drive kicked at Drosh, 20000 distributed free of cost.
By Gul Hamaad Farooqi
CHITRAL: Under the Plant for Pakistan project, plantation campaign was launched in Drosh. A ceremony was also held on the banks of the Chitral River near the Shishi Bridge. Additional Assistant Commissioner Drosh Abdul Haq was the chief guest while Sub Divisional Forest Officer Aziz Wali presided over the ceremony.

The event was also attended by local elders, political and religious leaders, social workers, teachers and the general public. Yousuf Farhad, Sub-Divisional Forest Officer, told the participants that the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was determined to overcome the deforestation by planting trees across the country and every man must plant two trees under the two trees policy.

He said that in Brazil and some states in the United States, the rate of forest is up to 80%, which helps people around the world by getting fresh oxygen.

During the ceremony, Qari Jamal Nasir also highlighted the importance and benefits of the tree from an Islamic point of view and called it plantation is the exact religious principles. Saleem Kamil, Principal, Government Higher Secondary School Drosh, said that the meaning of the Holy Hadith is that if the Day of Judgment comes and the Israfil flute should must plant a tree.
Assistant Commissioner Abdul Haq said that planting trees is essential for the survival of human life as it reduces river erosion and also reduces the rate of natural disasters.

He urged the people to take active part in the tree planting campaign and not only plant the plants which are given to them for free but also nurture and look after them so that these plants can be successful.

Haji Anzar Gul said that there was not much flood in Chitral in the past. Now there is a lot of flood due to lack of forests. He said that most of the land along the river is flooded due to deforestation. Its main reason is the lack of forests.

SDFO Aziz Wali said that this year we are giving 991,875 plants to the people free of cost. In addition, 34,000 fruit plants are being distributed to the people to meet the shortage of trees. He said that in Drosh we have planted 16,000 saplings in the river bank which are all successful and today we are distributing 20,000 free saplings among the local community.

Under the Plant for Pakistan project, plantation campaign was launched in Drosh

Community Development Officer Ijaz Ahmed said that we have been given a target of 2.22 million. In this regard, we are planting these trees in collaboration with the students, children, people and the general public to make it a success by involving people in the campaign. can go for ownership of these plants.

He also appealed to the people to plant one or two plants so that the deforestation can be met and we can avoid losses in natural calamities.

Later, plants were also planted by the guests and 20,000 plants were distributed among the people free of cost. The event was attended by a large number of people of the area.


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