Gilgit: By Altaf Kamail

Altaf Kamil Special Correspondent
Altaf Kamil Special Correspondent

The education department is ludicrous about the future of the students of Border tehsil Gultari. Corona and under the pretext of severe weather conditions deprive students of the basic right to education

Border Tehsil students and their parents are protesting, demanding the timely opening of schools by the Education Department and the government of Gilgit Baltistan. And the teachers who are based in Skardu Gilgit have also been reached the respective stations of Gultari by helicopter on a priority basis.

He said that the deprivations of Gultari Tehsil could be remedied only by providing education to the new generation. But the education department has no strategy in this regard.

The Gultari area is one of the most backward areas in the country due to government inattention and constant deprivation where people are still deprived of basic amenities. Governments and political representatives have been treating this area like a stepmother.

Following the second wave of corona virus, the federal government has decided to open all educational institutions in phases. But Gultari’s schools are still closed. It has been more than a year since the schools were closed. Only in October last year, they were open for one month. The rest are completely closed from last year.

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Matters are slow in this regard, the people of Gultari area strongly urge the government and the Pakistan Army to reopen the schools on an emergency basis so that the students of Gultari area are not deprived of education.


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