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Hussain Ahmed Chelas

CHILAS: Considered to be the eighth wonder of the world, the world’s highest paved highway, the Karakoram Highway, which is important for Pakistan in terms of trade, defense and tourism, also has the danger of landslides in some parts of this highway.

There are that part of Karakoram Highway is located in Diamer District of Gilgit-Baltistan. Where the same part is considered more frightening and dangerous due to the dangers of more and heavier landslides. There is a section of the Karakoram Highway in the hot water area named ” Tata Pani ” of ​​Diamer where there is a strong possibility of heavy landslides during earthquakes and rains.

The word “Tata” is spoken in Gilgit-Baltistan derived from the local Shena language “tatu” which means hot and Pani is Urdu word which means water. That’s why this place is called Tata Pani because the earthen mountain here naturally gives rise to hot springs.

The water from these springs stays naturally warm for 12 months of the year which is a special charisma of nature. The main reason for landslides in this small section of the Karakoram Highway is that there is a large mound of mud on top of this section of the Karakoram Highway which causes landslides. Landslides in this part of the Karakoram Highway in the past have claimed a large number of precious lives. This large mountain of mud above the water has cracks even under normal conditions, which is no less dangerous for travelers.

Governments were formed and changed, but no lasting solution could be found for this part of the Karakoram Highway. Given the fragility of the situation, the construction of an alternative Tata Pani road will become a matter of urgency has done.

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The construction of an alternative road will make the journey of national and international citizens traveling to Gilgit-Baltistan easier. Gilgit-Baltistan is nationally and internationally renowned for its natural beauty and attractions. A large number of national and international tourists visit Gilgit-Baltistan every year to see these sightsTurns to Gilgit-Baltistan. Tata Pani is located about 53 km from Chilas city and about 73 km from Gilgit.


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