Frinch lady talking with Hunza Tv about this test
Frinch lady talking to Hunza Tv about Legislation against this test

Paris – April 4, 2021
Marilyn Siapa expressed strong concerns about the content of the reality show, saying it violated basic human rights.
Has condemned a French TV reality show in which young brides have to prove their virginity.

In a letter to the CSS broadcaster, Marilyn Schiapa, France’s Minister of Civil Affairs, was outraged to see the reality show of gypsy-style weddings, which are re-promoting an unnecessary ritual.

In this reality show, some female relatives examine the virginity of the bride before marriage. She said that the whole system of marriage in our country was ruined without any interpretation. All these scenes were also rebellious because the National Assembly had recently banned the test of virginity for both the marriages. Consent of both parties is required.

The Senate has passed a bill under consideration that makes it illegal to issue a certificate of virginity for separation or marriage. The law is specifically for the Muslim community in France, where some families have sought proof of virginity before marriage. The French government has declared it illegal in response. Islam has been spreading rapidly in France over the past few years, with 30 percent Muslims now living there.

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Legislation has also been enacted against doctors who issue such certificates, which carry a penalty of one year in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros. If non-professionals take the test, including the consent of the women, rape charges will apply ۔
According to the World Health Organization, it is not possible to determine whether a girl is a virgin by looking at her vagina or examining it with her fingers. This is a violation of human rights.

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Inspired by another popular Channel Four program, Big Fate Gypsy Wedding, a French show shows the Catalan Gaitan community of the southern town of Prepign living by tradition.

The show, which aired on the reality show in February this year, also showed the preparation of the luxury bed on which the ceremony was to be performed. Will be tested

. The procedure, which is ancient and their ancestral ritual, is to test the delicate fibers with a handkerchief. If Naomi is a virgin, she will get married, otherwise the relationship will be annulled.

In some other scenes from the reality show, the women explain that it is important to do so because the girl is a source of honor for the family and for her son is a virgin and beautiful girl.

Another woman told the show that she has been told since childhood about the ritual, what clothes she has to wear and what ritual she has to go through for the wedding

. She was asked by the host of the show that men should Why this ritual is not performed only by women? On this the woman said that it does not happen if the young boy does not go out and do party and does not meet other girls, then he has a relationship with a good girl.


  1. Those who are involved in this profession can understand me. Some journalists who are unfamiliar with this field are doing propaganda. He did not sleep all night thinking of the loss of Ali and his companions. Statement by the famous climber Nazeez Sabir

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