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Due to bad weather on Mount K2, the search for the missing climbers was difficult. In the first round of aerial inspections, the rescue team could not find any trace even today. The search will resume when the weather is favorable.

Bed wather at K2

According to Chung Dawa Sherpa of Seven Summit, the rescue team in two helicopters of 5 Squadron of Pakistan Army Military Aviation today found the missing climbers at an altitude of more than 7000 meters.

With the help of pilots, climbers Chung and Lakpa Dandy searched for the missing climbers at the top of the peak with whom they were well acquainted.

The search team found parts of the peak where visibility was low, while the peak was covered with clouds at high altitudes.

bad weather on Mount K2,the rescue team could not find any trace even today

Prominent Nepali mountaineer Chung Dawa Sherpa, head of the Seven Summits International Expedition, also praised the Pakistani pilots who took part in the search operation, saying they flew to higher altitudes but the team found some missing climbers. Not found
According to Chung, the team is waiting for the search to resume as soon as the weather improves.

It should be noted that Pakistani climber Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Icelandic climber John Sunori Sigurson and Chilean climber Juan Pablo Moher have been missing since Friday, February 5, 2021 while on the summit.


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