By Sania Yousof .Saniya Yousof Editor HONN

Saniya Yousof Editor HONN
Saniya Yousof News Editor HONN

The President Football Association Gilgit District Mohammad Zakir meet to the Deputy Commissioner / District Magistrate Gilgit Captain (Retd) Osama Majeed Cheema regarding issues related to football ground and zero point football ground in Scar Koi.t

The president of Gilgit district association informed the deputy commissioner of Gilgit about the problems and said that illegal constructions have been made in Scarkoi football ground and in the ground due to poor work in Amphari Zero Point football ground.

The water is coming in. On this occasion Deputy Commissioner Gilgit while issuing instructions to Assistant Commissioner Gilgit on the spot said that illegal encroachments in the football ground in Scarcoi should be reviewed in the light of record material and the encroachments should be demolished immediately.

Take a detailed look at the Zero Point Amphitheater, call the concerned contractor on the spot, ensure the repair of the faulty work,

submit a detailed report and in case of non-completion of the work, take legal action against the concerned contractor. On which the President of Football Association Gilgit District thanked the Deputy Commissioner Gilgit .



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