Deputy Commissioner Hunza presented a model of Marco Polo Shape to the President of Pakistan Mr. Arif Alvi on the occasion of his arrival in Hunza.

Hunza: A brief but comprehensive visit of the President of Pakistan Mr. Arif Alvi to Hunza was not included in the schedule. Altit and Srina Hotel returned to Gilgit after lunch at the hotel.
Pakistani President Arif Alvi visited Hunza without a schedule.

The President of Pakistan Arif Alvi came to Hunza by helicopter. His family had come to Hunza from Gilgit. We ate at Serena Hotel and paid a short visit to Altit. Deputy Commissioner Hunza Fayyaz Ahmed and DIG Gilgit Region received him at two to ten helipads.
According to sources, the President of Pakistan also took aerial views of Attabad Lake and Gojal.

President Arif Ali had visited Gilgit-Baltistan from January 24 to January 27. His family also came here with him on this visit.

The President of Pakistan is very fond of Gilgit-Baltistan, especially Hunza. Whenever he comes to Gilgit-Baltistan on an official or private visit, he definitely visits Hunza.


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