Hunza The chest and height of police recruits are being measuring
Hunza .The chest and height of police recruits are being measuring۔

Hunza. by Syed Asadullah Ghazi

Reported by Syead Asad Ullah Ghazi
Reported by .Syead Asad Ullah Ghazi

Gilgit-Baltistan Police conducted a physical test of 450 male and 57 female candidates which they were selected for the next stage of the race after measuring their height and Chest size. According to details, a series of recruitments for police personnel is underway across Gilgit-Baltistan.

یہ خبر پڑھیے ۔ ہنزہ نماٸندگی سے کٸی سال محروم رہا جسکی وجہ سے ہر جگہ ہنزہ کو ایگنور کیا چھو سو نوکریاں جلد منتشہیر ہونگی اس کے علاوہ تعلیمی اداروں کی خالی اسامیاں بھی ایڈورٹاٸز کی جاٸنگی ۔

Hunza .The chest and height of police recruits are being measuring۔

At Aliabad Degree College, under the supervision of Commandant Reserve Force Sultan Faisal, Many candidates will be out of the next round due to their age, size and chest size. The race will be held on March 15 tomorrow.

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They will be tested on March 22. Successful candidates will be interviewed on March 23 and after that the successful candidates will be announced.For the first time in history,
the number of candidates at degree college aliabad was very high to recruit in police department .

Hunza .The chest and height of police recruits are being measuring۔

The Commandant Reserve Force Sultan Faisal said that all Recruitment would be on merit and no individual would be abused. The police force is an important state institution. If we do this fairly, then these young people will perform their duties well. The role of police is important in any society. If every citizen considers himself safe after seeing any official, he is called police. Public safety is our number one priority.


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