Hunza ۔Golf 2 Ice Hockey Championship,

Under the auspices of UNDP’s Project Golf 2, Glaciers Rescue Country Rescue,

The aim of this championship was to raise awareness about glaciers environmental pollution and its effects and save the country from pullution .

UNDP,s project Glof 2 which works on climate change and their protection in Glaciers Outburst Flood Gilgit-Baltistan.

Golf 2 Gilgit Baltistan defeated Golf 2 KPK while the women’s team Golf Gilgit Baltistan defeated Golf 2 KPK.

The popular winter game the ice hockey was played at altit with Cooperation and support of The altitude Scraf.
Golf 2 Male and female Championship was organized at Altat Hunza.

In the women’s final match, the women of Gilgit-Baltistan Glof 2 defeated Glof 2 KPK,

while in the men’s match, Gilgit-Baltistan also defeated Glof 2 KPK.

Glof 2 , GBDMA and NRSP are working with Calibration.

We support host government. Our theme is Save the Glaciers, Play the Country. We work to protect glaciers, conserve and improve the environment. Gilgit-Baltistan has been severely affected by covid 19. UNDP Glof 2 is promoting Winter Sports in Gilgit-Baltistan to support host Community and the government. So that winter terrorism is also promoted Project Coordinator Raja Rashid said

More details in this report by Syed Asadullah Ghazi

Ice hocky played between KPP Glof 2 v GB Glof 2

We are the main partner of Glof 2. At Gulf 2, we try to protect glaciers and keep the population safe. We do research on a scientific basis. So far, two researches have been done. In Gilgit-Baltistan, we are currently working in seven areas. Next year, we will work in 16 areas. Wali Khan DJ GBDM said in an interview with Hunza TV

Altit ice Hocky under projet of Glof 2
Ice hocky teams and Glof 2 , GBDM and GBRSP staff

It was a very encouraging event. Winter sports were organized for Pakistan and its people. Ice hockey players are talented. It is a good initiative to promote winter tourism. Ice hockey needs steps to host not only winter sports but also indoor summer. DJNRSP said in an interview to Hunza Tv

At the same time Altit chataq Presented a demo if in case of any natural calamity in Altat, demos were offered for quick evacuation and relief operations.

Despite the bitter cold in the evening, a large number of spectators, including women and children, came to watch the ice hockey match.


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