Repor syad Asad Ullah Ghazi .

Reported by Syead Asad Ullah Ghazi
Reported by .Syead Asad Ullah Ghazi

Nepal .Pakistani mountaineer Sarbaz Khan has completed another battle of Mission 14. The world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, was completed by Sarbaz Khan this morning. This is his seventh summit. This is the second gathering of 8,000 sheep in 26 days

. 26 days ago Sarbaz Khan had wrapped up Anaparna. He then returned to his hometown of Aliabad and then went on a mission to Mount Everest, where he had just spent a week. It may be recalled that Shahrooz Kashif, a young Pakistani climber who was honored to climb Mount Everest yesterday.

Pakisani mountaineer sirbaz khan
Pakisani mountaineer sirbaz khan

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The next day, Sarbaz Khan has completed Mount Everest in connection with the completion of Mission 14. He now has seven peaks in this mission, .

This is Sirbaz Khan’s 7×8000m Mountain. Sirbaz has summited 2×8000m peaks in the last 26 days.

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The 32 years old climber Sirba Khan who hails from Aliabad, Hunza began his profession to climbing career in 2016 and credits Nazir Sabir (the first Pakistani to climb the Everest) and Ashraf Aman (the first Pakistani to reach the summit of K2) as his inspiration. In 2019, Sirbaz became the first Pakistani to summit Mount Lhotse, the world’s fourth-highest mountain at 8,516m in Nepal without the use of supplementary oxygen.

His other 8,000m summits include K2, Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak ,Manaslu.
and Anapurna. On four of his 8,000m peaks expeditions, Khan had accompanied Muhammad Ali Sadpara. Their last expedition together was in Nepal to Manaslu.
He is aiming to become the first Pakistani to climb all 14 x8000.

List of Summits
Nanga Parbat 8125-M 2017
K2 8611-M 2018
Broad Peak 8047-M 2019
Manaslu 8163-M 2019
Lhotse Peak 8516-M 2019
Anapurna 8091- M 2021
Everest 8848 – M 2021

Muhammad Ali Sadpara had covered eight peaks which are above 8000 meters. Sarbaz Khan has covered all these peaks without extra oxygen.


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