Report : Sydney Asad Ullah Ghazi

The magnitude of the quake was 6.4
The epicenter was reported at 80 km depth in Tajikistan
No quake damage has been reported in any district of Gilgit-Baltistan so far. Home Secretary GB

The earthquake started on 12-02-2021 at 22:02 PST
Mag 6.4
‘Depth: 80 km
Lat: 38.12 n
Length: 73.31 E.
Earthquake epicenter: Tajikistan
PMD, Islamabad .The epicenter was reported at 246 km south of Kashgar-China. Pamir Pakistan. Afghanistan is a strip between China and Tajikistan Wakhan belt . The old Silk Road also passed through this.There was an earthquake on the Wakhan belt۔Therefore, strong tremors were felt in the northern areas of Pakistan۔

Gilgit- The earth quake that jolted entire Gilgit-Baltistan had caused no fatalities nor any property loss, Home Department Gilgit-Baltistan reported. ” There is no report of human or property loss due to the earthquake” Home Secretary Ch. Muhammad Ali Randhawa said,

adding that all district administrations have been directed to check with field staff of their respective districts if there was any kind of loss. However, till now there was no report, he said. He further stated that all machinery has been put on high alert. However, there were some minor road blockades which shall be cleared as early as possible.


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