famous Pakistani climber Nazir Sabir.

Hunza . By Atiqa

Atiqa Hunzai
Atiqa Hunzai

I have been defending Ali Sadpara on mainstream and social media since February 5. In the national media and international media,The famous Pakistani climber Nazir Sabir said

.They were asking me about Ali, going to the summit from Camp III in severe weather is a suicide or not. The same question was asked to me by a cameraman that day and I replied that it was not Ali Sadpara’s decision.Ali was bound to follow John Sunory’s decision because John Sunory had appointed Ali as High Porter .

This was the decision of Johan Sunori. He kept telling the international media all night that this is an adventure. Sometimes such decisions have to be made. After the K2 summit of Nepalis, they took pressure. Adventure is not suicide and Suicide is not adventure. Some journalists are completely unfamiliar with this field.

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Without realizing it, they are spreading negative propaganda against me in terms of regional prejudice and religious prejudice, which is reprehensible. Climbers take my word for it.

This is what happens when an analyst who knows nothing about this field becomes an analyst. Did they apologize that Ali was weak and celebrated the K2 Summit?

If they did not broadcast the wrong news, the rescue operation could have been launched on Friday and the results would have been different. Nazir Sabir, the famous mountaineer, spoke to Syed Asadullah Ghazi, Editor and Chief of Hunza Online News Network , on WhatsApp from the past to the present.


  1. Frenc .On a bride's virginity test at a reality show in France Legislation against this test. Legislation against by non-professionals. A rape case will be filed against unprofessional people who take the virginity test.

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