Chilas (Shafiullah Qureshi)

Chelas ۔WAPDA hints at meeting demands of Graduate Allowance Negotiations successful

Outside WAPDA Office Chilas, the leaders and members of the Graduate Alliance recorded a peaceful protest on January 27, 2021 regarding recruitment and other benefits in the Diamer Bhasha Dam Project. Later, the heads of divisional and district administrations in the committee room of WAPDA Office Chilas,

In the presence of SP Diamer, scholars, Diamer Grand Jirga, and officials of intelligence agencies, the WAPDA officials, after listening to the demands and concerns of the graduates point by point, agreed on a 9-point agenda through negotiation process. Expressed.

During the talks, the legitimate demands of the graduates were acknowledged by WAPDA while the Ulema and the Grand Jirga headed by the Divisional and District Administration acted as mediators.

This successful negotiation process has not only thwarted the aggressive and nefarious intentions of the anti-national elements but also sent a clear message to them that the people of Diamer, including Pakistan, WAPDA and all institutions are on the same page At the cost, the dam has to be completed without any hindrance.

WAPDA believes in peaceful dialogue process from day one and from day one, WAPDA has been sending a clear message regarding the problems of the Diamer people that their doors are open for such positive dialogue. As far as the graduates are concerned, WAPDA had accepted their legitimate demands long ago but the graduates were having difficulty in understanding which was explained in the presence of the jirga.

WAPDA values ​​the sacrifices of the dam victims and has always strived to do its utmost for the development of the region for which WAPDA is still pursuing the said reform agenda under its policy.

Throughout this process, WAPDA’s highly talented and professional GMs including Brigadier (retd) Shoaib Taqi GM (LA&R / HRD) and General Manager Diamer Bhasha Dam Project WAPDA Engineer Rao The role of the heads of divisional and district administrations including Muhammad Yousuf, Commissioner Diamer Astor, Deputy Commissioner Diamer, SP Diamer, officials of GB Scouts, officials of state institutions, scholars and members of Diamer Grand Jirga is highly commendable.


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