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Pakistani mountaineer Sarbaz Khan and two of his companions, including one female mountaineer, Naila and Ali Raza has climbed Gashburm 2 .

The world’s thirteenth highest peak Serbaz has broken the record of famous mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara.

Force Command FCNA and famous climber Nazir Sabir congratulated Sarbaz Khan and his team on their victory.

Sarbaz Khan has decided to cover all the fourteen peaks in the world which are more than 8000 meter high.


Serbaz Khan and his teem climbed Gashaburom 2
Serbaz Khan and his teem climbed Gashaburom 2

So far, he has climbed eight of the 14 highest peaks in the world. He later climbed the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest.Sirbaz khan who climbed the dangerous Kaling Peak Nanga Parbar .Included a female mountaineer Naila with him this time. His choice was good.

The Gashaburom peak2 is located on the side of Beltoro Glacier . K2 is also located at a distance of two padas from Kankodia, while there are also Gasha Bro packs at two padao (Stage.), but their direction is Ghand Guru direction. Currently,

Samina Baig is also in Baltro on the K2 Summit mission, while Shiroz Kashif is also in Baltro.

Pakistan’s famous mountaineers are all busy trying their luck this year. While Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s son Sajid Sadpara is on K2 mision .

Sarbaz Khan had started his career with Louvre Potter in the beginning. Being a very hard worker, he got this opportunity in High Potter

Pakisani mountaineer sirbaz khan
Pakisani mountaineer sirbaz khan

This chance changed the fate of Sarbaz. After climbing five peaks, Sarbaz Khan now ventures into every season of the year for the unique honor of Pakistan. Sarbaz Khan Climbed all the peaks without any extra oxyg.

The young mountaineer Sarbaz Khaun headed his mission Over 14 * 8000 Climbing of the world’s 13th highest peak Gosh Brom II (8,034 m).

The team also includes Ali Raza and Naila Kayani. Belonging to Hunza, the Climber has already climbed K2, Nanga Parbat, Mont Lotse, Lohas, Manslo, Mount Enpuran and Everest.

The Pakistani mountaineer Sarbaz Khan introduced the following expedition of Mission 14 of 8000

Hunza .Pakistani mountaineer Sarbaz Khan has completed another battle of Mission 14. The world’s…

Islam Abad .Since February 5th, the National International Media has been asking me why Nazir Sabirs statment 


Among the climbing routes of K2, the most preferred route by climbers around the…






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