Report by Syed Asadullah Ghazi
Good news for those interested in hiking, rock climbing, mountain cycling, mountain biking, yak safari and jeep safari. Now it will be easier to get out of the world of pictures and get to the really fascinating Passo cones.

The Passo Development Organization has create the Paso Cones touch track. On this track you can touch the pass cones by doing yak safari, jeep safari, mountain cycling, bike or hiking. If you love rock climbing, tie ropes to these rocks. You can become a Rock Climber by learning from Instructors.

Snow jets as known yak sefari is waiting for ride.
The PDO prepared the track and invited the district administration and the Gilgit-Baltistan government to inaugurate the track. IGP Gilgit-Baltistan Dr. Mujeeb Home Secretary Ali Randawa, Secretary Tourism Sameer Ahmed, Commandant NLI Regiment, Commandant GB Scouts, Commandant Allied Force, DC Hunza Samat and a large number of people from Feso and Shamshal. Participated in this event. Guests danced to local tunes. And enjoyed

IGP Gilgit-Baltistan Dr. Najeeb termed this track as the best adventure for tourists.
Secretary Terrorism Sameer Ahmed said that we will set up a Montering School in Passo and will hold a Mountain Jeep Rally here. Gilgit-Baltistan government is working hard to promote tourism in the light of orders of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan


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