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Missing climber
Hunza : From Syed Asad Ullah Ghazi

Sad news Muhammad Ali Sadpara and his two companions have been missing since 10 am last morning. The national media spread false news from a fake social media account. While Sajid is safe, he is in Camp III. Pakistan Army is facing difficulties in rescue operation due to severe weather.

Concerns turned into reality, a three-member team engaged in K2’s winter adventure went missing, and the Pakistan Army launched a search operation. Muhammad Ali Sadpara, his fellow Icelander climber Jan Sunori and Chile’s JP Mohar, who reached near the two-peak bottleneck at 10 a.m. yesterday, could not be traced for 24 hours. According to the sources, the three climbers of Expedition were declared missing on Saturday morning and an air search operation was requested from the Pakistan Army after which a military aviation helicopter started the operation but the weather has become severe on K2 Peak.

And the air pressure at the heights has increased a lot, Sajid Sadpara is unwillingly descending from Camp 3 due to severe weather conditions, his heart must be beating with his father in the heights of the peak.

High wind pressure on K2

Let the nation still pray, there is no shortage of miracles in the sight of Allah.


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