Commissioner Baltistan Suja Alan

Ensure the provision of all kinds of medical facilities to the patients in the Regional Headquarters Hospital Skardu. Commissioner Baltistan.
(Altaf kumail GB)

Today, on January 12, 2020, Baltistan Commissioner Shuja Alam accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Skardu Hafiz Karim Dad Chughtai visited Regional Headquarters Hospital Skardu. There, the Director Health Baltistan and MS gave a briefing about the hospital.

The Commissioner Baltistan visited all the departments of the hospital and also inspected the ongoing development work on the newly constructed Regional Blood Center, Mortuary and Burn Center there and directed the Director Health and MS to complete it in due course in collaboration with the Public Works Department.

Issued instructions to Giving a briefing, the Director Health said that at present important departments like PCR Lab, Oxygen Generation Plant and ICU are running for which there is a shortage of staff. The Commissioner Baltistan said that the necessary documents of his PC-IV should be submitted to the office soon so that the shortage of staff and other problems in the hospital would be resolved with the recommendation of the authorities. And patients can have all kinds of medical facilities at their doorstep.

During a visit to the Oxygen Generation Plant, the Director Health said that the Oxygen Generation Plant in the hospital is producing oxygen as per the requirements of the hospital on a daily basis and there is scope to produce more oxygen in case of need or emergency.

And the plant is providing oxygen to patients in a timely manner and there are no longer any problems with oxygen. The Commissioner Baltistan appreciated the efforts of the doctors and officers and hoped that they would continue to serve the patients by becoming the Messiah in the future as well.


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