Syed Asadullah Ghazi Special Report

Skardu: Pakistani climbers complete preparations for the third and final decisive phase of the K2 adventure.The last winter adventure and decisive phase on the world’s second highest peak K2 Pakistani mountaineer Ali Sadpara and son Sajid Sadpara will embark on an adventure from base camp tonight or on February 3 as the weather improves with the help of foreign climber June Sanwari.

Five camps have been set up for K2 adventure. Advanced base camp from base camp, then second then third camp and finally fourth camp. Fourth camp is located at a distance of about 500 meters from K2 summit.

Most adventurers at night. And there is an attempt to summit before sunrise.
Climbers come and go from base camp to fourth camp several times to get used to the weather as well as adventure adventures.
Clear weather is a must during this time. Last month, Nepalis were lucky. When they were in Camp 4, the weather was clear and destiny was in their favor.

While Mohammad Ali Sadpara and his team returned to the base camp from the fourth camp several times due to bad weather, they faced storms several times. The temperature dropped to minus 80 but they did not give up and are still trying.

Sajid Sadpara is determined to make a name for himself by becoming the world’s first youngest climber by heading to K2 in winter.

There are still 2 mountaineering teams at base camp for winter adventures on the world’s second highest peak.

There are about 38 climbers at the Cato Base Camp for the expedition

Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Sajid Sadpara, father and son, continue to fly the green crescent flag on the world’s second highest peak together.


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