Tamara Longer is close to making history . Today’s weather is not the same and she will try to make K2 summit again tomorrow.

If she climbs the K2 Mountain in the winter, she will become the first female climber in the world to reach the summit in the winter.

Italian climber Tamara Longer will become the first woman in the world to head to K2 in the winter.
Tamara Longer, a 34-year-old climber who started her career with skiing and later stepped into the world of mountaineering.
Tamara Longer became the world’s youngest female climber in 2010 at the age of just 23, climbing the world’s fourth-highest peak, Luhatsi, at 8,516 meters.

In 2016, Tamara Longer teamed up with Simon Moro to head to Killer Mountain Nangaparbat in the winter.
In 2019, he tried to conquer Gusha Brom 1 and Gusha Brom 2 in the Karakoram mountain range in the winter, but was forced to give up his adventure due to the injury of his fellow climber Simon Moro.

Now, once again, she is wintering the world’s second-highest peak, K2, at 8,611 meters, and has now reached an altitude of 8000 meters, and is expected to arrive on On saturday . She will also be able to reach the top on the day.

Tamara Longer

Tamara was on a winter adventure on K2 with Polish climber Alex Gown, but her fellow climber abandoned the adventure for unknown reasons and returned, after which she was very upset for a few day

. Accompanied by eminent climber JP Mohar, she resumed her journey with the determination that she would reach the height of 8611 meters of K2 mountain and make her name in history forever.


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