mountaineer John Sunori and his wife

The brave wife of the missing climber hopes for the return of the husband, my heart says it will be a miracle.
Moi Segorson, the wife of the famous Icelandic mountaineer John Sunori, who went missing on Mount K2, is still hopeful for her husband’s return.

mountaineer John Sunori, wife and child

In a message on social media, he wrote, “The process of finding and saving my love is still going on. My heart says there will be a miracle and it will come back.” I have not given up yet and I know that there is room for miracles because time has not run out yet and their camp will be open for a week.

mountaineer John Sunori and his wife

“People who know John Sunori Sigoursenson know how powerful he is, and I hope that as many people as possible will encourage me to be strong and strong until this test is over.”
Moi’s husband John Sunori, along with two other mountaineers, Muhammad Ali Sadpara of Pakistan and Juan Pablo Mohar of Chile, have been missing since February 5, 2021, during a peak winter adventure, and the search for missing climbers has been suspended due to bad weather. has been done.

Lena is a brave woman and she is taking care of herself and her children in such a difficult time.


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