Reported by Syead Asad Ullah Ghazi
.Syead Asad Ullah Ghazi

Today, on the occasion of World Journalism Day, felling from the heart to the tongue
International Journalists Council of Pakistan Gilgit-Baltistan Zone Senior Vice President and
General Secretary Hunza Union of Journalists Syed Asadullah Ghazi
He said in his statement that if our journalism is remembered with a good name on any front, then a big credit goes to the journalists who provided intellectual guidance or light to the readers with the help of their pens on this front. Of He continued his journalistic journey on the political and political front with a good name and courage.

Now, he says, we will stand on ground as long as we have the last breath of life.
Journalism is not just our profession but a passion and dedication. Hobby.

Journalism Day celebrations at Hunza
Journalism Day celebrations at Hunza

The rule of law or adherence to moral values ​​is beyond doubt. Senior journalists who support both right and left ideology have adopted the profession of journalism as an ideology and running this journalism lamely is not acceptable to us. It becomes the voice of every oppressor and every oppressed person. Will stay

The way the rights of journalists are being violated in Pakistan, many people may not like to write about it. Writing the truth, telling the truth, exposing crimes, if it is a crime, then this is us. Will continue to commit crimes.

The journalist keeps the people informed of the situation by playing on their lives. No security or protection of life and property is guaranteed but in return false FIRs are threatened with serious consequences.

If the growing lawlessness is not stopped, meeting the demands of justice will remain a dream
Due to the poor policies of the provincial and federal governments, today every corrupt thief is targeting journalism.

Identify drugs, drug dealers are the enemy
Are they more powerful than drug companies?
Journalists do not do patronage.

If you write against the Occupy Mafia, then the Occupy Mafia and their government patrons who take bribes and give them free rein, the enemy is doing the Occupy, everyone knows, but only those who write the truth are targeted.

The sacrifices of journalists are no less than any soldier, no guarantee of life, no guarantee of a better future for children, no protection from any law-breakers. Why are journalists being punished so much for writing the truth?

Preparations are in full swing to make journalism lame. Remember that its effects will be very bad and only the name of justice will remain and the voice of the poor will be silenced.

Where writing the truth is forbidden to speak the truth, then oppressing the oppressor. I can’t stop. It is the journalists who draw the attention of the authorities to these issues with their cameras, pens and tongues, which ensure the delivery of justice to the people.

Where there is oppression, the journalist should be the first to die. Is reached and becomes the voice of the oppressed. Today, the way journalism is being suppressed, every moment one hears bad news about journalists. Sometimes attacks are carried out.

Sometimes writing the truth and telling the truth and showing the real facts. As a result of this, many of our journalist brothers were separated from us. To date, no government agency or the provincial federal government has even helped them.

Writing the truth and showing the truth is such a great crime, so remember we will keep committing this crime again and again because the pen is a trust to us and we will not betray the trust today as journalism is being suppressed by a well thought out plan.

Its negative effects will spread across the country and no one will dare to write or speak the truth again because his own life may be endangered by those who establish the rule of law if the government of the day violates the rights of journalists and their rights.

In the same way, if we remain silent on excesses, societies can persist in disbelief, but not in oppression.

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All over Pakistan, journalists are being treated like stepmothers, sometimes in false cases, sometimes in killings, sometimes in harassment. This will not work till the end because now it is an injustice to remain silent on oppression.

Now tell every writer to write about it. And we have to think that if the journalists’ organizations and the representatives of the press clubs formed all over Pakistan still do not think about it, then the chain of lawlessness against the journalists will continue and its harmful effects on the society will continue.

No one will raise his voice and no one will be able to save the oppressed from oppression. Remember then everyone will have to wait for their turn because no oppressor has no qiblah, no tribe has any trust.

Let’s unite and write against every oppression and journalists from all over Pakistan. Become a voice and challenge the oppressors to end Could be oppression in the society.


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