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What was the religious belief of the people during Covid 19?

What was the religious belief of the people during Covid 19?

By Asadullah Ghazi.

Report by AsadUllah Ghazi
Report by AsadUllah Ghazi

The third wave of Covid 19 in Corona Epidemic is coming to Pakistan. Due to which the biggest sports festival in Pakistan, Pakistan Super League (PSL) was also terminated in the inaugural period.

In March last year, the first wave of Covid 19 hit the country, causing months of lockdowns all markets schools, offices and places of worship to close across the country,meeting each other spreads the epidemic That is why social distance is necessary. Initially, people were unaware of the epidemic, so the government formed SOPs to carry out whatever orders came from the World Health Organization.

And the administration strictly enforced them. Over time, after information and research on Covid 19, its vaccine came along and the fear among the people decreased. The government and the Ministry of Health had clear orders not to fight the disease out of fear. What was just an atmosphere of fear among the people who were weak human beings became more and more afraid. This fear led every human being to his Lord.

The Mosques were partially or completely closed. However, none of their could help in this calamity except Allah. They prayed for Forgiveness day and night and prayed for Epidemic deliverance from this .

In Gilgit-Baltistan, especially at the Hunza Nagar district, people from different sects were asked about the effects of reading Covid 19 on their faith. This question
The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), which develops skills and digital skills to provide journalists around the world with the reliable news needed for dynamic societies, has an online class (religious tolerance and How a journalist can do a better job of non-violence (I asked for a story on how much Covid 19 has affected the religious affairs of human beings).

I have written stories before about the economic damage caused by covid and its impact on social life, but I have never considered the effects of the Corona epidemic on religious beliefs. On this topic, I asked fifteen men and women from three sects (Ismaili, Shia and Sunni). All of this said that when a person is in trouble, he turns to his Lord.

We did the same. We have to go to the Mosques for prays at certain times. We had only time for prays during the Covid 19. Therefore, they prayed to there Lord for forgiveness from his heart and cried out for deliverance from this Epidemic . Jamaat Khana (places of worship) in the Ismaili sect remained completely closed from March 16, 2020 to February 15, 2021, ie 11 months, during which all religious and cultural festivals were not celebrated in the traditional manner. While Shia and Sunni mosques were open, SOPs were still followed.

اردو میں خبر پڑھیے ۔

Due to the lockdown, people did not visit Mosques۔ But after a slight relaxation in Lockdown, more people than ever before went to worship in Shia and Sunni mosques, and their faith grew stronger. The women said that women are more worshipers than men. It was very difficult for them to close the synagogue.

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In the lockdown, everyone was at home, so the workload had increased. They rarely had time for worship, but during this time their faith became stronger. They all prayed to the Lord God, the true God. Two out of fifteen people said that they spent most of his time on the internet during the covid, because of the covid, the inter-service was free. However, once a week I prayed for relief from this heart disease.

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