By Syad Asad Ullah Ghazi

Reported by Syead Asad Ullah Ghazi
Reported by .Syead Asad Ullah Ghazi

Pakistani Foreign Minister has condemned severe crime and attack on Palestine by Israel in the United Nations۔

Then, after the CNN interviewed he exposed the Israeli, saying that Israel has controlled the media through deep pock .

This is not a war, powerful attack on a weak ۔ it is violating human rights۔۔

In response to this diplomatic move,
Israil has given task to Hamid mir to respond pakistan .

Read more ..we have made the visa system online and we will issue visas to any Chinese who want to come here Shaik Rasheed Ahmed Home Minister Paksitan

And prove it in the whole world that the oppression is not doing Israil . Rather, Pakistan is a tyrannical country۔
That’s the Shah Mahmood said that they buy the media by deep pocks.

While Hamid Mir was given an indefinite leave by Geo News hosted by Capital Talk. Geo News management says that it is the decision of the management to give leave to Hamid Mir. We were not under any pressure from Rawalpindi or any other institution.

There has been a strong reaction against Hamid Mir on social media. Social media users had a tendency to boycott Hamid Mir’s program, which is why the Geo News administration has now taken such a decision. Most Pakistanis are happy with Geo News‘ decision, but some users are also targeting Geo News, and they consider this decision to be against freedom of expression


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